What we do

RISE represents over 30 refugee community groups in Australia and is unique is that it was developed, is managed and staffed by people from ex-detainee, asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds. People who have first-hand, lived experiences of seeking asylum and settling in Australia are giving back to the community by working to support new arrivals as well as people who have been struggling in the community for some time.

Through out the year RISE runs over 18 projects within the Advocacy, Settlement Support and Arts portfolios. Our main focus at RISE is to lobby against Australia’s cruel refugee policies by advocating with and for our members. RISE projects and services aim to redress social barriers and empower refugee, ex-detainees and asylum seeker communities to actively participate in the wider society.

Further RISE undertakes projects that benefit the welfare of refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees in Australia.

RISE supports the creation of sustainable community development and welfare programs that improve the services provided by existing community welfare organisations, with extensive input and advice from refugees and ex-detainees. Managed, developed and run by people from a refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds who have first-hand experience of settling in Australia, RISE supports new arrivals as well as people who have been struggling and underserviced in the community for some time.