Australia’s continuing refugee rights violations must be called to account, and people who support human rights everywhere should stand up and join the call to Sanction Australia.

RISE Ex-Detainees calls for Immediate pressure to be placed on Australia from major international human rights bodies In way of sanctions that address the deliberate and inhumane mandatory detention and refugee boat push back policies. Specifically, Australia should be excluded in participating in international humanitarian and human rights fora until mandatory detention and refoulement of asylum seekers is abolished in Australia, and the obligatory international rights and protections that Australia has agreed to, in regards to refugees, are implemented, and adhered to domestically.

Ex-Detainees who have survived the physical, sexual abuse, torture and trauma inherent in Australia’s mandatory detention policy, after fleeing from persecution overseas, ask all rights organisations and all people who ascribe to fundamental human rights to bear witness to this experience as a fundamental violation of human rights and dignity.

Refugees have rights and protections enshrined under international law. Indefinite and mandatory detention of refugees in camps where we are subject to trauma and abuse is also unlawful. Australia maintains these camps offshore in order to elude its obligations to international law, and the scrutiny of rights organisations, the media and the public. It should not now elude the scrutiny of the United Nations or anyone that believes in the humanity of refugees.

Seeking asylum is not a crime. Being a refugee is not a crime. But the continued contravention of international law should attract the sanction of the international human rights community.

Australia should be excluded from participation in all international humanitarian and human rights decision making processes until mandatory detention and refoulement of Asylum seekers and Refugees is abolished in Australia.

Sanction Australia is a long term campaign and anyone who supports human rights should join. In order to support Sanction Australia, take these steps:

1. Write a letter based on the attached proforma to all rights groups to call for a Sanction
2. Share our open letter to the rights groups within your networks
3. Share our 10 ex-detainee demands
4. Why Australia needs to be sanctioned?
5. To get donate or get involved in the Sanction Australia campaign contact admin(at)

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