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Employment Opportunity at RISE (Support Services Coordinator)

Position Description

Division: Case Supporting Program
Title: Support Services Coordinator
Work Type : 2 days a week
Salary : Negotiable
Location: Melbourne , Victoria
Apply : (please insert ‘SSC position’ in the subject)

About Support Services
RISE Support Services offer help in addressing initial critical settlement needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Our involvement across these areas is as a go between, advocating and facilitating migrant needs with relevant governmental departments and NGO partners. We are uniquely placed to achieve this aim as our settlement services are informed by the knowledge, experiences and expertise of our staff. Many of our staff and volunteers are of refugee or migrant background and are able to leverage their shared experiences to assist newly arrived refuges with their settlement in Australia.

RISE’s support service seeks to offer flexible settlement solutions that are individually tailored to address the circumstance and preferences of each of our clients, on a best fit basis. We seek to provide a suite of services delivered through a coordinated case management model in the following support areas:

  • Housing
  • Health
  • Access to crisis support
  • Employment opportunities

Support Services Coordinator Position Description

  • Act as a go between, advocating and facilitating member needs with relevant governmental departments and NGO partners.
  • Offer our members flexible settlement solutions that meet needs and aspirations.
  • Coordinator is responsible for overall portfolio management and administration, including accurate and timely reporting.
  • Coordinator will effectively build cohesive teams, lead by example, and strategically support all its volunteers, respecting everyones’ commitment. The team should regularly develop and assess long and short term goals and strategies to cohesively build and strengthen RISE.
  • Coordinator will provide strategic insight and support for RISE’s mission-based priorities including advocacy, campaigns, external relations, and lobbying as well as media releases.
  • Coordinator will communicate with volunteers in an on-going manner and maintain an open door management style. The Project Coordinator should be a natural listener and mentor, regularly providing professional feedback and assessing staff and volunteer performance on an annual basis.
  • Directing, guiding and accompanying to register/attend with common services/ agencies/organizations and linking with community groups and asking feed-back or noting down surrounding issues
  • Comply with OH&S legislation and the Policy and Procedure of RISE

Knowledge & Skill Requirement: Although RISE welcomes every individual or groups regardless of their differences and abilities, the role must be met with the following criteria:

  • Ability to work and travel independently
  • Ability to report to the Central Executive Committee
  • Capacity to work and handle complex cases
  • Sound knowledge of the housing, employment as well as the refugee and asylum seeker sector
  • Demonstrate positive values of cultural diversity, integrity, teamwork, reliability and consistent with RISE objectives and aims
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including the ability to write clear, structured and articulate reports
  • Ability to initiate, maintain and nurture relationships with a diverse range of foundation contacts, philanthropics, corporates, and many other RISE stakeholders
  • Demonstrated experience with case work and community works
  • Experience working in deadline-driven environments
  • Able to work well in a team environment, handle multiple assignments and meet deadlines
  • Experience with grant writing

Only applications with a cover letter and answering the key selection criteria will be considered.

Applications close 5pm, 23 June 2015
Apply: (please insert ‘SSC position’ in the subject)

Refugees and asylum seekers are strongly encouraged to apply for this position. 

Statement by Refugees, Asylum seekers and Ex-Detainees at RISE in solidarity with Indigenous communities in Australia : 01/05/2015


RISE: Refugees Survivors and Ex-detainees condemn the current Australian government’s move to close down and dispossess over 150 Aboriginal communities in Australia.  We support the second global call to action on the 1st of May 2015 by SOSBLAKAUSTRALIA and all actions initiated and directed by the affected Indigenous communities.

RISE is the first refugee and asylum seeker welfare and advocacy organisation in Australia, entirely governed by refugees, asylum seekers, and ex-detainees.  RISE is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

As settled and newly arrived refugee communities seeking protection and freedom, we acknowledge that we live on colonised land where the Indigenous peoples are the traditional owners and sovereignty was never ceded.

Racist, genocidal acts against First nations people in Australia have been carried out for over 200 years and the Australian government shamelessly continues to add more oppression by choosing to close down Indigenous communities one by one against their will.

We are not surprised by the hypocrisy of the Australian government which treats the Indigenous peoples in this country as second class citizens, yet uses its worldwide social status as “pro-democracy” and “pro-human rights” when it suits the agenda of White Australia. This is a never ending parody in Australia and we think it is time to say NO and put an end to it.

There are number of actions happening in Australia and around the World.

For more information about the events please see this link and show your support : and