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RISE Winter Clothing Appeal – 2014

It’s nearing winter again which means it’s time to bring out the coats. With the success of last year’s Winter Coat Appeal, RISE is once again welcoming donations of quality winter clothing. Unfortunately, many of our members endure the cold winter months without heating or even adequate clothing to keep them warm. At present asylum seekers on bridging visas and community detention live in the community without any work or study rights who are facing financial difficulties. Most must try to make ends meet with a meagre allowance that is less than Newstart, and buying warm clothes is difficult for many. Currently there are over 1500 asylum seekers and refugees registered at RISE to access services in need of food and shelter.

We are calling for donations of coats, jackets, jumpers or other winter accessories for this winter. We are after men’s, women’s and children’s clothing in all sizes. If you don’t have any clothes to donate, feel free to donate to RISE so we are able to purchase some quality winter wear for our members. Please follow the link to donate and add a special message with your donation that you’d like it to go to the Coat Drive.

If you’d like to donate clothing items, we welcome drop offs at the RISE Hub during work hours. Otherwise you may post your clothing to:

Attn: RISE Winter clothing Appeal
RISE, Level 1, Ross House
247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, 3000

While RISE appreciates all donations given, however, it is important to remember that although we work with members who are in vulnerable situations, this does not mean they are less deserving of good, quality items. Last year we received many items that were unable to be used in the drive such as very worn and ragged clothing and used underwear. Therefore, we ask that you respect the dignity of our members and please donate only clothes in new condition and of course no used underwear please!

Please do not donate anything without making sure it is clean and presentable. If you are unsure, feel free to email to ask.

Your donation will ensure somebody who may be unable to afford warm clothing won’t have to stay cold this winter.

A letter from an asylum seeker in the Australian government’s Manus Island detention camp: 11/05/2014

Dearest XXXXX

Please TELL people of AUSTRALIA that the AUS GOV is spending your taxes just to keep many innocent and defenceless asylum seekers in detentions which there is no difference between them and pigsties.

What is it’s benefit for people of AUSTRALIA?

THEY PAY THE PEOPLE WHO WORK HERE as much as this for per month:
1- wilson’s officers:$10000 to $15000
2- cleaner workers: $ 15000
3- doctors and nurses: no bodyknows
4- cooks and kitchen workers:?
5- employed PNG LOCAL PEOPLE:$300 to $700
6- the transfield staff:$6000 to $8000
there are many other people who work here and they pay them.

The AUS GOV spends your taxes this way. We asylum seekers can be useful if we are in Australia. For example the GOV can use us in agriculturing. I heard that Queensland state has many dry land and deserts. We can work and plant jungles, trees and vegetables. In that dry area the AUS GOV can process our cases and claims and then they can deport anyone who is not known as a refugee.

Each asylum seeker has a skill and a useful profession AND we can be useful for AUS instead of being kept here as prisoners and being useless too.

We want the AUS GOV AND AUS PEOPLE to think of this . There are many ways to use our skills in a significant way. Detention centers brought many bad things for us. Some unknown illnesses, mental and spiritual illnesses that forced some people to commit suicide or hurt themselves and other terrible things.

Please think about this and make a right decision for us. If the AUS GOV and AUS PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO ACCEPT US AS REFUGEES,WE ALL WANT THEM PLEASE TO LET U.N. LOOK AFTER OUR CASES and decide about us.
Keeping us here in detentions has no profit and it is only loss for people of AUS and us too.

It is for 10 months that we are in detentions.
What was it’s benefit for you?
Nothing, just spending billions of dollars which is your taxes.


A letter from an asylum seeker in the Australian government’s Manus Island detention camp – 06/05/2014

Dear xxx. hi

In manus camps, at the moment we all face many problems.

The gym equipments are very few and poor. The medical has a very poor condition too. When a sick asylum seeker goes to the medical,some doctors and nurses(not all of them) tell him that you are not sick,they say :all of you lie.

On friday evening one of our friends went to medical for his footache,but they told him that you are ok and are lying,  He came back to the foxtrot camp and went straight to the bathroom and hanged himself.  He was dying when the other asylum seekers found him just 10 seconds before he die.  His eyes were jumping out of his face.

We all are under spiritually and mentally ,and affectionately pressures.  We are also deprived from many things.  Too.many asylum seekers are married and the other are single.  No one had any sexual relationship during the past 9 months,and it made them many mental problems. 

It is for 9 months that we got imprisoned in a place which there is no difference between that and a pigsty. At most of the times they treated us like wild animals.  Why AUS GOV spend very large sum of money, just to keep us in bad conditions.  What is its result and outcome for the AUS GOV and australian poeple.

If the AUS GOV do not want to accecpt us as refugees,we all want it to deliver us to the U.N. We all got mentally sick and some of us have lost their wisedom.   Please help us and rescue us from the situation.we need your help.

DEAR xxxx : please tell this also to poeple of australia:

BE AWARE:the government is spending your taxes just to keep many innocent and defencelss asylum seekers in prison and treat them like wild animals. We did not leave our country because of hunger,thirst or for clothing.we do not need them,we need to live free like the other poeple. PLEASE HELP US,WE NEED YOUR HELP.TNX