RISE, “Australia day” and boats

RISE does not endorse any movement that claims to be pro-refugee but celebrates “Australia day”. To link our community to such events and white-wash this history is not just insensitive to the indigenous communities of Australia but also to most of us from...

RISE music studio need your support

Dear Friends, We would like to bring to your attention an exciting new initiative within RISE. As part of the RISE Cypher Project we are seeking to establish a community based recording studio. The RISE music studio will give opportunities to aspiring young artists to...

The Syrian refugee crisis and Australia’s response

Wednesday 1st of January 2014 As this year ends, the death due to starvation of 15 Palestinian refugees trapped with 20 000 other Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus due to the current conflict in Syria is in the news.  Before the war broke out in...

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