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RISE – Upcoming Fundraising Events

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Would you like to be a PROUD RUNNER for the first refugee and asylum seeker welfare and advocacy organisation in Australia to be run largely by refugees, asylum seekers, and ex-detainees?

We invite you to take part in this year’s “Melbourne RUN and support RISE! – We are appealing for your support to help us raise $22000 to cover the costs required to increase our resource capacity.

At present there are over 500 asylum seekers accessing RISE’s drop-in centre and this number is expanding rapidly every day.

RISE team members will be taking part in this year’s Melbourne Run on the 21 Jul 2013. JOIN US NOW!!

Register here; –

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2. Bake or Not – Craig Beifus 

You are invited to NOT bake a cake, pie, cookies, or brownies.

You do NOT have to find the recipe. You do NOT have to shop for the ingredients. You do NOT have to mix. You do NOT have to cook. You do NOT have to cut. You do NOT have to wrap. You do NOT have to wash dishes. You do NOT have to clean up your kitchen. You do NOT have to deliver the baked product. You do NOT have to stand in the heat/cold/rain to sell the baked product. You can donate to The Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group and stay home and enjoy doing something yourself or with your family!

In these busy days, who wants to bake, A pie or cookies or even a cake.

You’d be surprised if you counted the cost, of ingredients, heat, and the time you’ve lost. Baking for sales is extra work. Yet nobody really wants to shirk.

So we’ve thought of a plan that’s really grand, and feel quite sure you’ll understand. Simply donate here, the price…
of a pie or cake or anything nice.

Without fuss or bother, you’ve done your part.
We hope you’ll give with a willing heart.
Wishing success for our BAKELESS BAKE SALE,
This is the end of our little tale.

Donate here

Media Release : RISE Combat Racism through Innovative Training: 18/03/2013

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination March 21st

RISE: Refugees, Survivors & Ex-Detainees is running the first of a series of Anti-Racism Training in Victoria that aim to resist the racism experienced at all levels of society. The workshops coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on the 21st March. 

“Our workshops will provide the techniques of identifying, describing, critiquing and, in particular, responding to different forms of racism, including both interpersonal and systemic racism.” says, project coordinator, Mera Sivanesan. 

RISE, being the first refugee and asylum seeker aid and advocacy organisation in Australia to be run and governed largely by people of refugee, asylum seeker, and ex-detainee backgrounds, has designed these interactive workshops through their own lived experiences and through the work that they do in their communities, 

“RISE has long recognised a need for anti-racism education that goes beyond individual-focused and cultural awareness training models, to address the systemic and structured ways that racism manifests in our daily work and personal lives.”, explains workshop facilitator Jayani Nadarajalingam 

The training consists of one, two-day workshops which will be repeated monthly. The first of the series runs from Wednesday 20th March to Thursday 21st March. The participants represent a broad range of professions who will use this experiential learning opportunity to help eradicate the racism that they or people they work with experience. 

“The outcomes of the workshops will be far reaching” says Mera Sivanesan, “with participants taking these techniques to their respective organisations in order to begin the process of creating and implementing an anti-racist organisational structure.”

Presenters at the workshop include:

·         Historian and longtime Aboriginal Activist, Gary Foley

·         Hip Hop Artist and Youth Worker, Pataphysics

·         Principal Lawyer for the Eastern Community Legal Centre, Belinda Lo

WHEN: Wednesday 20 March & Thursday 21 March
WHERE: Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

For interview and photo opportunities, please contact: Mera Sivanesan 0470 700 578

More information about the workshops here

Iraq: Still paying a high price after a decade of abuses

Iraq: Still paying a high price after a decade of abuses- “Neither the Iraqi government nor the former occupying powers have adhered to the standards required of them under international law and the people of Iraq are still paying a heavy price for their failure.” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director at Amnesty International.

Torture is rife and committed with impunity by government security forces, particularly against detainees arrested under anti-terrorism while they are held incommunicado for interrogation.

“Death sentences and executions are being used on a horrendous scale,” said Hadj Sahraoui, “It is particularly abhorrent that many prisoners have been sentenced to death after unfair trials and on the basis of confessions they say they were forced to make under torture.”

More here:

Volunteer Position at RISE: Sexual Health Workshops

Following the growth of our organisation, we are looking for volunteers to assist with four Gender and Sexual Health workshops commencing on April 17th. The sessions will be incorporated into NMIT’s Young Adult Migrant Education Course and be held once a week for four weeks covering a variety of different topics.

The primary objective of the role is to assist with organising, presenting and evaluating the gender and sexual health seminars.

We are looking for medical/nursing students or someone with a medical, nursing or health background who may have experience promoting sexual health.

Key responsibilities of this role include:

Assisting in organising the Gender and Sexual Health Workshops;
Presenting topics to be covered in the sessions;
Helping the young migrants and refugees who are partaking in the program with group activities; and Facilitating discussions with young migrants and refugees about gender and sexual health

Person Specification:
A background in medicine, nursing, health or health promotion;
Experience facilitating groups particularly with health related topics preferred but not essential; and
Has an active interest in wanting a society in which refugees and asylum seekers are welcome, respected, safe, and in which refugees and asylum seekers can flourish and achieve their full potential.

MUST have a current Working With Children’s Check

Contact Detail: Sydel Fernandes

If you are interested in the above role, please contact RISE at

EXPOSED ” Refugee Expert Panel” recommendations.

EXPOSED ” Refugee Expert Panel” recommendations by Melbourne Anti-Deportation.

The expert panel was set up by the Government in an attempt to stop the “BOATS”

Who are the people behind this recommendation?

Paris Aristotle – Director of Foundation House
Michael L’Estrange – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Angus Houston – Former Defence Force chief

Asylum seekers came to Australia after 13 of August 2012 are not allowed

– Work
– Study
– family reunion
– Refugee status for years
– No PR for 5years irrespective of when you been given refugee status
– and get indefinitely detained in Nauru or Manus

Read the report here.

RISE statement at Macquarie University in Sydney

Last week The Age reported that an “asylum seeker ha[s] been charged over the sexual assault of a Macquarie University student”. We at RISE write this statement to condemn all acts of gendered violence. With many of our members having endured gendered and physical violence, often at a level that has been sanctioned or orchestrated by the state from which they are fleeing, we remain unflinching in our support for the survivors of gendered violence.

We condemn the racist, fear-mongering being pedalled by the Opposition in reaction to this alleged act of violence. Coalition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison’s call for a freeze on bridging visas and his demand for asylum seekers and refugees in the community to report their whereabouts to police smacks of racist criminalisation – painting all refugees and asylum seekers in community detention or on bridging visas as criminals needing to be constantly surveilled by law enforcement.

We reject any description of gendered violence as a distinctly “cultural” trait, attributable to particular communities. This representation often gets used as a mode of racist scapegoating and does not address how patriarchal violence is a systemic issue, found across borders and identities.

We at RISE assert our position as staunch allies and organisers against gendered violence as well as organisers fighting to combat racist representations of our communities such as that being deployed by the Opposition at this time.

No to gendered violence. No to racist criminalisation.