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ReDEFIANT: busting the refugee myth

Media Release

RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees) is calling for refugees of all ages to redefine the debate around ‘boat people’ and refugees. We welcome all the people from refugee background to be part of a new, edgy and exciting Forum Theatre project. Our aim is to conduct a series of theatre workshops, which will lead to three live stage performances at La Mama Theatre in Carlton.

Forum theatre is a practice developed by Augusto Boal, a Brazilian Community Artist. He believed that by presenting social inequality, structural problems and minority oppression in a set of short acts followed by a live discussion people can come up with common solutions to build stronger and more inclusive communities.

What ReDEFIANT is planning to achieve:

We will explore boats, planes and people smuggling through spoken word, performance, and comedy
We will look at how the headlines define particular ethnic groups and we will challenge the minority stereotypes by asking the members of these groups what they can do to take ownership of their cultural identities
We will provide a safe space to discuss in depth issues on how whiteness, racism, immigration and assimilation influence refugee settlement and education.
We will invite guest performing artists of colour to share their lived experiences and their creative process
Participants in ReDEFIANT will build their skills for effective social justice advocacy and performance making and they will be supported in the development of their artistic pursuit

RISE will present ReDEFIANT at La Mama on November 9, 10, and 11, an iconic Australian performance space that fosters new artists, edgy performances, and new voices.

First workshop will be conducted on the 12th of September, 6pm-9pm at RISE, Level 1, Ross House, 247/251 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Suitable dates and times for further workshops will be discussed within the participants’ group. The workshops are FREE of charge.

For more information and to register your interest to participate contact RISE at Places are limited.

Computer Classes Orientation Day – 24th of September 2012, 247 Flinders Lane @ 3pm

RISE Computer Classes are set to produce opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers to meet their educational needs by offering a space to study and setting up educational components as well as provide advice and personalised guidance about the various computer literacy education pathways available.

Classes will be conducted in the city at RISE’s Melbourne CBD drop-in centre. We intend classes to be free for students, and they will be held for 2 hours every week (over 4 terms). Students will be identified and recommended through RISE’s casework program. Other organisations will also be able to refer students to the program. Class size will initially be restricted to 15 students to maximise the effectiveness for participants.

The RISE Computer Class curriculum includes:-

  • Getting familiar with computer Basics
  • Discovering:

                             1. Computer hardware
                             2. Computer Software
                             3. Benefits of using computers
                             4. What we can do with computer
                             5. How computer works

  • Exploring Windows XP screen
  • Create Document
  • Save Document
  • Open Document
  • Rename Document
  • Manage Files and Folders
  • Formatting of the Document
  • How to Print document
  • How to Move, Copy and Delete File/Doc/Folder
  • Working with the excel sheet
  • Creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Surfing the Net
  • Uploading documents, pic on web
  • creating mail account
  • accessing mails
  • working with search engines
  • Exploring various informative websites, job sites, social networking sites.

If you would like to apply please contact Rekha Patadiya at